Ryan Shea


Hey, my name is Ryan and I'm an entrepreneur and angel investor.

I co-founded Stacks, a top 100 cryptocurrency and one of the most popular platforms for blockchain apps, including MiamiCoin and NYCCoin.

I also co-founded Citizenbase, an app that makes it easy to see your ballot before you go to vote.

I invested in several unicorns including OpenSea, Clubhouse, Saber, Filecoin and Embark, and I'm also an investor in Lattice, Lightning, Anchorage, Loyal, Levels, Mercury and more.

I’m a longtime snowboarder and a newly converted kiteboarder. I like to weight-lift and breakdance.

I’m really into reading, particularly science fiction and philosophy. Ask me about my favorite books.

Twitter @ryaneshea

Instagram @ryaneshea

LinkedIn @ryaneshea

GitHub @shea256

Email ryanshea@shea.io

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